9 Ways to succeed in business Part eight – Respect those with less power than you

There is a deeply unpleasant trait in some people that is a mixture of arrogance, selfishness all stirred together with a heap of 1980’s Yuppie styled ‘greed is good’ nonsense that sets out to put one over on the little fish.

Being unpleasant to the junior member of your staff, the small supplier working from their bedroom or the person at the call centre is not acceptable for most people but is detrimental to your business.

In these days of social media and online rating & comments websites a single bad experience can and will stay with your business for life and has the potential to adversely affect its performance, not to mention the time and money needed to rectify it.

But this is focusing on the negatives, but there is a positive aspect to this which is based around respect.

Imagine the scenario…..

You walk into a garage and ask to look at the new Aston Martin, but are treated with contempt and are fobbed off.

Will you still want one, will you aspire to having one or will you channel that drive towards a Bentley instead??

Imagine how different you would have felt if the salesman had treated you like their most valuable customer???

Every person you interact with is a potential buyer, whether they are the ultimate decision maker or not.  So treat every interaction as a chance to enhance your reputation as a great person to do business with.  By imagining that every person you interact with is logged onto Trip Advisor or suchlike and is about to submit a review helps to put you in the right frame of mind to do this.

But this should not be a cynical gesture but something that become deeply embedded in the psyche of you, your business and those that work in it.

So if you’d like to learn a little more on how this can be done and the benefit it can bring , then please contact me on 01302 752700 or by email at jon.lister@enterpriseaccountancy.co.uk