9 Ways to succeed in business Part five – Be hard on your opinions

When in business you will be challenged at every turn by those who know better (or so they may claim), do things differently or plain disagree with what or how you go about things.

I’m not just talking about the arm chair advisors or the tap room gurus who know everything but have done nothing but others including professional advisors and those whose counsel you respect.

This can allow doubt to set in and make you question your path….or even your sanity!

So to succeed in business, be hard on your opinions, make sure they are thoroughly examined and are built on data, facts and substance.

Think critically on your own beliefs, values and prejudices to know your parameters, boundaries and preconceptions.

Question everything you hold true about you as an individual, your business and your place within the market place.

Be rigorous in these things, leave no stone unturned, shine the light into the darkest corners of your thinking until you are 100% sure you know where you stand.

And then…..Go for it!

Act boldly and decisively safe in the knowledge that you know what matters to you, what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Acting with clarity and purpose in a way that is based on your values is a recipe for success.

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