9 Ways to succeed in business Part four – Exercise

Up…..one, two, three, four!

Down….. one, two, three, four!

Nope, sorry gym bods, that’s the wrong kind of exercise.  We are talking on exercises of the cerebral type.

Its time to stretch that grey matter, feel the burn from firing the neurons and pump up that cortex!

Enough of the gym analogies now, I’m getting tired.  But seriously, when was the last time you exercised your brains capacity for innovation and creativity?

You wouldn’t expect to be able to run a marathon without months of intensive and dedicated training, would you?  So why would you expect to be able to create a successful business to challenge Apple, Google, Virgin, etc without committing to the same rigorous training and level of dedication.

Exercising your brain’s capacity for innovation and creativity will allow you to challenge your business model objectively and review the market for opportunities that others aren’t spotting.

Innovation and creativity can operate in all business sectors and work by seeing a problem or scenario from a different perspective.

Exercising the brain in this way will sharpen your business reflexes so you will (over time) gain new insight into how your business, the market in which it operates and your ability to influence that market will work.

If you would like to join me for a cerebral work-out, contact me on 01302 752700 or by email at jon.lister@enterpriseaccountancy.co.uk