9 Ways to succeed in business Part nine – Don’t rush

Good things come to those who wait….

Never a truer word was spoken.

From small acorns mighty oak trees go….

Yep, I agree with this.

All long journeys start with the first step….

Hmmm, I like it.

The sentiment behind all these quotes is not to rush and your business is the same.  While there may be times when it is to your advantage to move quickly to be opportunistic, in general……Don’t rush!

You need to take time to grow into your business and get a feel for your place in it. Get to know your market and your place in it.  Identify key staff and develop them.  Design new products & services then implement them.  All of which takes time to do this properly.

By rushing you will make decisions out of necessity that will go against your original plans for your business.  This can lead to practical problems such as overtrading by growing too quick too soon, or asking you to compromise your values or ethical stance or more likely you just won’t like what your business has turned into.

It feels a bit like work, which was never the plan!

So to succeed in business, by all means have a plan but remember that the best things take time to mature and develop.  Like a good wine that can be a bit harsh & challenging when young, when it is allowed to mature over time it develops new levels of complexity, is more palatable and is much more expensive.

By not rushing, you will have time to reflect on where the business is going and how you feel about it.  You will be able to put down those firm roots that a successful business needs by building long term relationships with customers, suppliers and professional advisors.

So don’t rush!

If you would like to have a non-rushed meeting to look about how to successfully grow your business into something valuable over time then please contact me on 01302 752700 or by email at jon.lister@enterpriseaccountancy.co.uk