9 Ways to succeed in business Part seven – Love

Love is you

Love is me

Love is love

Thanks John Lennon but this is a different kind of love.

This is about loving what you do but like any relationship you need to step back and remember;

  • What it was you first fell in love with.
  • How that made you feel.
  • How that love has grown & developed.

Unfortunately the path of true love does not always run smoothly so take nothing for granted and ensure that you are working to keep your relationship with your business alive and healthy.

You can do this by recognising and celebrating milestones.  It may be the number of years in business, turnover or profits hitting a certain level or recruiting the first employee but these are momentous events that should not be overlooked.

Don’t stray!!!

The grass may look greener on the other side of the fence and someone else’s business might look more attractive than yours….but it’s theirs…..not yours.

If you don’t like elements of your business then you can change them.  You can decide when and how you work, the direction the business takes, how it presents itself, its values & ethos, how it works for its customers and how it makes you happy.

When your business is talked about in a room, you want others to say ‘wow’ and have the look of jealousy in their eyes.

So if you are not in love with your business any more, its time to get the love back as nothing sells better than someone who is passionate and committed to the thing they do best.

So if you’d like to get the love back or are ready to fall in love for the first time , then please contact me on 01302 752700 or by email at jon.lister@enterpriseaccountancy.co.uk(No Barry White will be played during the consultation).