9 Ways to succeed in business Part six – Teach

As a professional and skilled individual you will have learned skills and competences that you use in your daily life to make your business a success.

But think how you acquired these skills….you were taught!

You may have taught yourself in part, but through your life people have spent time with you to impart their skills and knowledge to you to make you the person you are today.

But just having the skills and knowledge does not make everyone a successful entrepreneur.  If it did, every student leaving University with a computer sciences degree would automatically become the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.

It is the skillful application of the skills and experience you hold that makes you special.  In theory, there is no reason that I shouldn’t be a Lionel Messi, we’re about the same height, I have two legs but the difference is, I have no footballing skill whatsoever!

So don’t be afraid of teaching others some of what you know.  It will impart knowledge but also will allow others to gain an understanding of what you do, how you do it but more importantly gain a respect for the level of experience and professionalism you exhibit.

Becoming an expert in your own field by teaching others is not only empowering to the ‘pupil’ but also builds an aura of credibility around you.  By teaching others the basics, you will not do yourself out of work, but rather will attract a higher level of skilled work to you.

If you ready to do a bit of teacher training with me, then please contact me on 01302 752700 or by email at jon.lister@enterpriseaccountancy.co.uk