9 Ways to succeed in business Part two – Make someone happy

When in business, don’t seek happiness by asking others to make you happy by buying your products, liking your website, supporting your aims or being a powerful advocate or product ambassador.

Happiness in business comes by making others happy.

Have you tuned in to what the customer wants and how they want to consume it?

Or are you focusing on what you want and how you want to deliver it?

So take a step back and consider the proposition of business, it might sound a little odd but go back to basics or you will find that the presumptions you based your business on are flawed.  And if they are flawed, the very way you do business will be flawed and success is not an option.

In business, in all normal situations there is a customer who has a need that they would like someone to meet for them.  And having that need met, in the way they want it met makes them happy.

So far, so good?

But why then are we obsessed with product and service design and the magic of marketing to convince the customer to buy the thing we want to sell in the way we want to sell it?

Be bold, be reckless, break convention and protocol by speaking to your customers and potential customers to ask the simple question “what could I do to make you happy”?

A happy customer will pay the right price, buy from you again, tell their friends and give you ongoing feedback that will help you to make others happy.

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