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Rod & Reel/Sophia Landell's Brand Management


When Sophia and Rew decided to buy a fishing tackle shop in the heart of Bawtry, they were determined to do things properly right from the start and that included finding an accountancy service which best fit with their values and aspirations. But that wasn’t as easy as you might think?

“The first accountant we met virtually told us we were bonkers for wanting to run a fishing tackle shop, even though he knew nothing about fishing or the sport as a whole.”

Inevitably, they decided to see another, “The second accountant was even worse. The conversation was full of jargon we didn’t understand and then they proceeded to sell us a range of services it turned out we didn’t even need."

“It couldn’t have been more different with Enterprise and we knew instantly they were the partner for us."

Sophia went on to explain, “We talked for over an hour, asked lots of basic questions and most importantly, got good, straight forward answers. In the end, we had to bring up fees and it was then we got a pleasant surprise as they were far more reasonable than both of us expected."


Sophia and Rew heard about Enterprise from Sophia’s then employer who had used them for many years. “It was an invaluable piece of advice, one we’ve never regretted, and of course, we regularly tell people about Enterprise ourselves now."

When Sophia decided to set up her own business in 2018, Sophia Landell's Brand Management, appointing Enterprise as her accountants too was a no brainer. Enterprise have given us so much advice over the past few years on all kinds of topics, both financial and non financial. “They’re our ‘go to’ source of advice whenever we have a new challenge and they never fail to give us sound advice.”

Rod & Reel and Sophia Landells Brand Management are growing steadily, circa 20% p.a. and undoubtedly Enterprise’s support has played it’s part in that success.

Sophia also said “It feels like Enterprise genuinely want us to do well. They provide an honest and supportive service which at times helps inspire us to achieve new things. That’s one of the reasons we joined Enterprise+ as it’s a regular opportunity to get a fresh perspective on our business and learn more.”

And finally, “They’re also a really good client to work with because they challenge the stereotype of what an accountant should be. This gives me plenty of creative licence when I’m doing their social media and makes for a nice, easy professional relationship.”


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