Creating a high performance organisation – part 10 Celebrate

You’ve done it! You have made it! The project has been signed, sealed & well and truly delivered… so what now?

Pick up the next file on the list and do it all again? No… Celebrate!

Now accepting that we are not American and do not need to be rewarded by Gold Stars or cheerleaders jumping out of a big cake just because we sold one packet of biscuits today, we do need to celebrate more.

A well planned celebration is the perfect time to take stock of the good work, the hard work and the steps that have been made to bring you closer to your ‘win’. It is the perfect time to recognise those who have supported you in this leg of your journey and those instrumental in making the dream happen.

But the celebration is also the opportunity to re-tell the dream, sharpen the colours & details on that ‘big picture’ and to re-enthuse those who have been with you for most of the journey and to capture the imagination of those who have recently joined you.

How you celebrate is down to you… you know your team and so will know what feels the right way for you to celebrate. Remember though, success is a team game and success is only ever truly achieved by each individual and function working in harmony to achieve the goals you asked of them.

What you celebrate is a little easier to define.

It should be something that has brought your ultimate goal a little closer, made the dream a little more tangible or perhaps the end-game has been reached. Constantly connecting to your Big Picture will mean that these celebration points can be clearly defined and planned for.

Don’t let them go…like your children’s birthdays, once they have gone they are gone and can never come back again. So don’t pretend to be too busy to celebrate, if it’s worth celebrating then celebrate it properly…after all;

You probably deserve it!

Jon Lister is available for celebrations, parties, weddings and bar-mitzvahs at the drop of a hat. Please email him in invitation stating venue & dress-code… only joking!