How to claim Furlough payments.

HMRC have announced that the furlough payment system;

aims to be open from 20th April 2020 for employers to make claims
And there should be time for employers make the claim and for HMRC to make payments before 30th April for PAYE employers.
It is expected to take four to six days from receipt of a claim to the payment being made, with the first payments being made by the end of April”

Jim Harra

This information was provided by Jim Harra, First Permanent Secretary and Chief Executive and Cerys McDonald, Director – CV-19 policy co-ordination at HMRC, while appearing in front of the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee on 8th April 2020.
However, as ever with HMRC things are never quite that easy. 

What’s the catch?

To be able to process the claim HMRC requires you to have an e-PAYE number, which itself means registering for an online PAYE Gateway which can take 7 – 10 days to arrive.  There is no provision to be able to submit the claim through our Agent’s Payroll software or Agent’s Gateway as we normally do with routine payroll processing. This is a whole new process.

Here at Enterprise, we have been working round the clock to register all our employers who don’t already have one for their online PAYE Gateway and e-PAYE number so we are ready to start submitting on 20th April 2020 but …

We need your help as we cannot submit your furlough claim without the following information;

  • Your e-PAYE code  – This will come to the address your business is registered with HMRC (which may be at home or work) so you may need to access your work address to get this.

The letter enclosing the code will come from HMRC and has the wording “Activation code for PAYE for Employers” in bold across the top.  Please provide us with the 12-digit code at your earliest opportunity to prevent the furlough claim being delayed.

  • Your business bank details – Name of bank, sort code and account number – HMRC will require us to submit these to enable them to issue the furlough claim directly to your account.

We cannot submit your furlough claim without this information.

We expect these codes to start arriving from the 15th-16th April, however this might be delayed due to the Easter postal break, please call or email us as soon as this lands

This is an unexpected and unwelcome complication to the claims process that was announced, but if you are able to work with us on providing this information to we will be able to process the furlough payments at the earliest possible opportunity and sorry to labour the point but we cannot submit your furlough claim without this information.

If you have any queries about the furlough claims process then please email and we will respond to these at the earliest opportunity.

We will be in touch again with further details of new schemes or clarifications of Government Support schemes announced to date.

Stay safe.

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