Joy as an act of resistance

I’d love to take credit for this excellent title, but it comes from the second album by Bristol band The Idles, who in turn inspired an article written by Robin McAlpine published on which in turn set-me-a-thinking as all good writing should.

As business owners we are subjected to a plethora of external pressures, compliance, measures and oversight all of which seem to add nothing to our businesses and serves little purpose other than to flatten our enthusiasm.

But so we don’t feel left out (that awful feeling of everyone else is doing it so they must be right, or FOMO as the millennials might call it) we go along with it and before we know it we engage with Health & Safety consultants, HR advisors, marketing experts, solicitors and God Forbid……accountants! All of who contribute rules, process, protocols and costs to the business but don’t bring the most important element….joy!

Is this what we went into business for? 

The joy of creating a new product or service, the joy of securing that order, the joy of having someone buy into what you are doing and seeing the benefits for the first time, the joy of watching an employee grow & develop in confidence under your guidance.  It’s all about joy!

But we must be strong and resist the ‘mood hoovers’ for they are strong, persistent and everywhere.

Joy as an act of resistance is founded on a confidence that you are best placed to know what you came into business for, how you want to do it and what you want to achieve.  While there is no denying that external advisors and the professional rigour they bring with them is to be welcomed, it needs to be balanced with the joy.

Is there another way?

At Enterprise we look to free you from the burdens of data processing and compliance so you can focus our energies on what makes you happy (and money).  We utilise Xero (Cloud Based accounting software) supported by a range of Apps and technologies to put the right information into your hands at the right time but without the time commitments.

We can help you to develop your thinking and business ambitions through a structured development programme or join us at our monthly Enterprise+ Peer Mentoring and personal development event to learn how others are getting that competitive advantage.

So join us at Enterprise in rejoicing, being joyful and spreading the joy as an act of resistance so we can once again remember what we came into business for and how that makes us feel.

Can us on 01302 752700 if you’d like to share the joy with us.