Knowledge is Power

This quote, most commonly attributed to Sir Francis Bacon back in 1597, could not be more timely and relevant to the world we find ourselves operating in today some 400-odd years later.

We are surrounded, some may say swamped, by information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from every source and media outlet.  Fake news, bias and opinion are overlaid onto this information which having processed through the polarising machine are then pumped out as knowledge.

In business, we hear time and again about what we should be doing to protect the High Street, increase digital resilience, develop Brexit contingency plans but when was the last time you heard this?

“You’re the expert in your business, what do you think you should be doing”?

We work differently

At Enterprise we have built our business on being there to bring out your knowledge. We mix it with our own and set out a plan of action that captures that joint knowledge in a bespoke way.  More Saville Row than Primark.

The benefits of engaging with us here at Enterprise for more than just the routine compliance services (although we are always thankful to be engaged in those) are huge.  We use our collective knowledge to take you through a structured development program to examine, test then deliver your business ambitions.

This process includes;

  • A free one hour brainstorm session to get to the heart of the matter.
  • An initial half day session to map out in detail, the program of works.
  • Entry to our Enterprise+ Peer mentoring and personal development monthly sessions.
  • Regular meetings with one of our consultants or partners to track your performance and help keep you on track and schedule.
  • A detailed feedback session and report when the works have been completed.

We see the real power in this, articulating collective knowledge to achieve your ambitions.

As we continue to embrace the digital revolution, this type of work can be delivered remotely via Skype and other such platforms . All we ask for initially is your commitment to giving something a try.

So if you’d like to put your knowledge into motion then please give us a call on 01302 752700 to set that ball rolling.