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Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans

A big thanks to John Lennon for the inspiration for this blog (all rights, credits and respect, etc to John Lennon) from his song Beautiful Boy.  But with the legalities sorted, I’ll move onto the meat of it.

John probably never thought of Brexit back in 1980 when the song was released but it is this phrase that has resonated with me for the last 2 years after the Referendum during what we can best (and most politely be) described as the ‘negotiating & agreement’ phase.

Time and time again we have heard of business paralysis due to the uncertainty of Brexit as businesses have been planning for a No-Deal crash out, the Chequers deal, a Canadian/Norway hybrid or even a second referendum.  But wasn’t life happening while all these plans were being made?

Did customers stop wanting products? Did staff not want paying? Did commercial opportunities not open up?

Ongoing business support

At Enterprise we like life…we like the day to day, we like run of the mill, we like doing the basics right.

In our experience, getting the building blocks of business right allows it to grow, develop, mature and ultimately achieve its potential.  This is business life.

We are there to support you through your business life. From birth (registration with HMRC or Company formations), through those awkward growth years, where we need to look at where the business is going and what it need to get there, to maturity where we help you to reap the rewards of the hard work you’ve put in and finally on to the end of days where we support you through the sale or closure of the business.

Being safe in the knowledge that you’re not missing out on ‘life’ allows you to focus on what else is possible.  Some accountants call this planning, but we prefer to dream (or #9 Dream as John wrote).  For us dreaming is not about wistful or fanciful thinking, but rather allowing you to imagine what the future may look like in a way that is unrestrained and without self-imposed limitations.

From here we take you through a structured development program. We help you make those dreams a reality with plans, results, checks and balances along the way using the full range of services we have at our disposal.

If you like to know more about loving life and dreaming to achieve then please get in touch on 01302 752700 as we’d love to hear from you.