My accountant doesn’t understand me

I’ve been an accountant for 22 years and I’ve come to the conclusion that the role on an accountant is part counsellor, part motivational specialist, part confidant and part sounding board.  In short the numbers are only a small slice of the bigger accountant pie.

Here at Enterprise we’ve had a slogan up in the office for years “people matter as much as the numbers” and it’s true!

Too often the focus is on the bare numbers of the business and not on the person behind it.

This has the effect of missing the most important piece of the puzzle out, after all we are not all in business for the same thing.  Traditional thinking is that we are all in business to make profit but for many this is only one of many factors which include work/life balance, wanting a career change, wanting to prove something to yourself & others, wanting to pass something on to the family and many many more.

So by allowing the accountant to focus on one small element, you are missing out on a whole raft of advice and guidance that would be more relevant to who you are and what you want.

The way to sort this is quite simple, build a relationship with your accountant and make sure they understand all your hopes, dreams, ambitions and doubts.  And the key word here is understand.

The advice should not be generic, the language should not be financial and the delivery must be sincere.

And if its not…well then you are quite entitled to say “my accountant doesn’t understand me”!

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