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Fiona Hoggarth



What does Fiona do?

As one of our Senior Accountants, Fiona specialises in completing complex accounts, mainly Ltd companies but the odd sole trader or partnership here and there too. She also deals with Corporation Tax returns; VAT returns, oversees and supports the work of two of our apprentices, as well as working on the project to upgrade our Practice Software platform.

What do you enjoy about your work?

The variety of work we do, one day I might be focused on accounts, another day it could be VAT, another day it could be a different one off type project. We also get an insight into a huge variety of industries through working with different clients which can prove very interesting. I enjoy helping people, whether that be by providing them with management figures so they can better understand their business and secure that all important funding to help them grow or a small task such as helping a client to understand a letter they have received which has been causing them a lot of stress.

What do you enjoy about life?

I love spending time with my family and friends, nothing beats sharing a laugh with those you love. I’m a huge animal lover and my many pets bring a lot of joy into my life. I also love travelling and find learning about the history and cultures of new places fascinating.

Do you have a pet hate or things that happen or things people do that irritates you?

I am a big shoe lover so I cannot stand bad shoes and socks with sandals!

Other pet hates include really weak tea (if it looks like it’s just been shown the tea bag instead of properly brewed I would consider it a bad cup of tea!), rudeness (good manners cost nothing!) and the excessive amounts of plastic packaging on pretty much everything (don’t even get me started on vacuum packaging!).

I’m a fast paced person, I walk fast, and I talk fast, so I hate being stuck behind slow walkers and people who randomly stop in front of you. I think all shopping centres should have fast lanes!

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