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Jordan Revill



What does Jordan do?

Jordan is works alongside Matthew and Natasha in the tax team and her main role is to make sure all our clients and details are up to date at all times.  In a fast moving office with well over 1,500 clients this is no easy feat.  Her main duties including data entry on to our client management systems, liaising with HM Revenue & Customs to resolve queries and dealing with the varied client queries in a prompt, professional manner.  Jordan also prepares Self Assessment tax returns and supports our clients in fulfilling their tax requirements in a smooth and easy manner.

What do you enjoy about your work?

I enjoy working at Enterprise as my colleagues are so nice and helpful.  Everyone is always willing to listen and help no matter when.

As I am usually one of the first contacts that clients speak to, I really enjoy getting to know them and being able to offer a friendly service alongside my colleagues

I understand that for many people, dealing with tax can be very stressful so I make sure that I always keep calm, a smile on my face and try to make things as painless as possible.

What do you enjoy about life?

One thing I largely enjoy about life is socialising with my boyfriend, friends and family. I like to explore new places that I haven’t been, staying in hotels and trying different restaurants to eat at as anybody who knows me knows food definitely is something that makes me happy.

Another thing I enjoy about life is hot, sunny days, lying in the sun, with a cold drink and music blasting in the background is my idea of heaven. I was made for that life style which is why if I had it my way I would be going on numerous exotic holidays a year. That relaxed lifestyle is the best.

Do you have a pet hate or things people do that irritates you?

One of my biggest pet hates is rudeness, good manners cost nothing so I find it difficult when people aren’t polite.

Another pet hate of mine is being shouted from downstairs that tea is ready, to rush and sit there another 5/10 minutes waiting; to me if it’s ready then it’s there to eat. This always seems to happen when I’m busy or mid way through a gripping series. Oh... yes, and people spilling drinks over you in a bar, and then not even saying sorry grrr!

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