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Sarah Howells-White



What does Sarah do?

Sarah is the other half of our payroll department, working alongside Julie Anderson. Her inward facing roll means she processes payroll and CIS payroll details, as well as entering all the appropriate pension data for clients on a daily basis.

Sarah also ensure all our payroll filing is up to date and kept in good order and generally completes all the other administrative tasks in the department. Her client facing work includes dealing telephone and email enquiries from clients and ensuring we respond to this in a timely manner.

What do you enjoy about your work?

The people I work with are lovely! As payroll is not my background I also enjoy the fact that I face a new challenge and am learning every day. I enjoy talking to clients and helping them solve their problems as well as being part a discreet team who have a very clear role within the business.

What do you enjoy about life?

Like most people, the thing I value the most is spending time with my family, especially my children. Going on holiday... I wish I could do this more often for sure, doing art and crafts with my daughter, watching my Daughter dance – she is amazing at dance (she must take after her mother!) and watching my son play footie... he’s a fantastic little footballer. For myself, I love listening to all kinds of music and having a good boogie! Being outdoors, socialising at several watering holes with friends and family is also high on the list.

Do you have a pet hate or things people do that irritates you?

The most annoying thing is phoning HMRC and having to go through the automated system,  to then have to repeat everything to the person you finally get through to after wasting 20+ minutes of your life on hold with the annoying music... they really need to change that music...

At home, my daughter watching what I call “American trash TV” and my son and husband’s addiction to the X-box – get outside!

My husband leaving the dishes in the sink when the dishwasher is directly next to it half empty can grate a bit ... Oh.... and not winning the lottery each week!

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