Small Business Grant Scheme – Portal Now LIVE!

As we promised in our last email bulletins, we are pleased to announce that the Small Business Grant Funds and Retail/Hospitality/Leisure Grant funds are now available to be access via Rotherham Council and Doncaster Council by following the appropriate links below;



While initial guidance was that you would not have to do anything, it is clear that there are a few hoops to jump through as the Council’s seek to verify the information they hold about you, validate your eligibility and request details they may not hold (such as bank details to repay the grant) to make this as smooth as possible.

We’ve not been able to ‘road test’ these yet, as our own rates bills are safely stored in our offices which are closed while we observe the lock down period, but we are hoping that the details needed are not too onerous.

But from the anecdotes we have heard, there are some common themes emerging that you need to be aware of;

  • The Councils are working on the information they hold.  If you have changed the name of the business, changed the use or never registered for Business Rates then they will not have you as a Business Rates payer and you may be ineligible to claim.
  • If you have not changed the use of the building and now need to change it to retail/hospitality/leisure then you may be in line for a higher rates bill, as these categories attract higher rates than say offices.
  • If you work from home and do not pay Business Rates, you will not be able to claim as both websites require your Business Rates and Property number.
  • If you pay a rent inclusive of rates/utility bills, you will not be able to claim, as you are not registered for Business Rates.

It may be possible to update these details online, but they may slow down the claim while the Councils process these amendments.

This is a major step in the right direction to supporting some businesses so please claim at the earliest opportunity and share to other business owners you know who may not be aware they can access this support.

Stay safe and watch for further updates from us as they become available by email bulletins, our website or by following us on Facebook.