The Boss Always Knows Best!

That’s the way it always has been and that’s the way it always will be (or so bosses would like to think) as they sit in their ivory towers, issuing edicts from upon high while shrouded in a mist of Papal infallibility.

But as Bob Dylan said “the times they are a changing” as we move away (in aspects of life) from an autocratic hierarchical model to one of collaboration and democracy.  Think if you can of another example when one individual says “I know best and this is how it gets done”? Apart from the North Korean Kim dynasty I’m struggling, and that family isn’t really a great example to us all now is it?

So consider now the individual who believes that only they have the key to success and only they have the ability to wield it and the knowledge of when to do so for the maximum impact. Written in those words, the arrogance and lack of self awareness is breathtaking but this is a common scenario in a great many businesses.

While it is likely to be too big a leap (at least at first) to move to a model where all stakeholders’ opinions (staff, customers, suppliers, funders, etc) are brought into consideration in the decision making model; big steps can be taken in the right direction by engaging with a mentor to challenge, support and develop your thinking & decision making processes.

Mentors have attained almost Guru like status but at its simplest (and the way we like to start any mentoring process) it is a playing back to you of a series of answers you have given to a series of questions about you, your business and your ambitions. Once we have this initial stage nailed we next design and set out the blueprint of your mentor journey based around those three themes of challenge, support and development.

Mentoring can help in all aspects of life but we specialise in the business side of things so engage with us today to take advantage of our support and let us help you grow and improve your business. Call on 01302 752700.