The Power of Negative Thinking – Part Four

With repetition can come a lack of job satisfaction, a gradual decline in outputs & quality and ultimately disengagement and disenfranchisement.

In the vast majority of businesses much of what we do is repetitive and even the most creative of businesses still need to walk through a series of repetitive steps and processes to get from points A to B.

If we allow ourselves to embrace these negative aspects of work we can see that they are far removed from the things that most would quote as being the things that make us truly happy, things such as spending time with our family and helping others.

At work, we have the ability to bring a new perspective to the repetitive tasks and look to reframe them in such a way that will make us (hopefully) happier by aligning what we do with what truly makes us happy.

If we start to concentrate on the impact on others, rather than on ourselves then we are taking a step in the right direction.  

We can start to play with something that benefits or improves a work task or chose to confront a challenge that causes constant stress or concern.  It can be simple things such as;
1. How do I write better emails
2. How do I engage better with customers 
3. How do I improve the client’s experience 

Focusing on how this will improve things for someone else will start the realignment of work & life values and hopefully move the negative repetition to a more positive change.

The inspiration and source for much of these articles comes from the excellent Radio 4 Podcast of the same name which is available to download in its entirety from BBC Sounds.

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