Where has 2019 gone?

‘Lifting your head isn’t easy, we know’

As a business owner and manager, taking time to reflect on your business, where it’s going, what it’s achieving and ultimately, if it is giving you what you want is not easy.

In a fast paced, inter-connected World, where we’re all contactable 24/7, it is genuinely hard to regularly step back and take stock of the day job, which is one of the reasons we set up Enterprise+.

At our last session on Tuesday 4th June the members on Enterprise+ decided to take stock of the 2019, looking at their business highlights and challenges, and as ever, we had a great, engaging, informative and useful discussion. But we also did some thinking about the future, and the next 12 months in particular?

Map It Out

Using an environmental mapping tool created by EDG in Palo Alto, the group, which included the owners of the likes of Rod & Reel, Revive Business Recovery and Loud Crowd IT started to scope a range of external factors which they believe could impact on their business in the future. These factors included:

  • Current political and economic uncertainty and how this might affect customer’s buying patterns
  • Fewer suppliers due to consolidation and closures, leading to high costs
  • New technology which can improve customer service and experience
  • The rise and business opportunities provided by ‘Omni-Channel’ marketing
  • Increasing shift towards customers becoming more discerning

We looked at ways our businesses can mitigate negative factors, largely by exploiting more, the emerging opportunities.

A British of Chambers study recently said that businesses who plan for the future have a 25% greater chance of growing, seems like a good return to me !!!

‘Enterprise+ makes me stop and reflect on my business every month, it’s truly inspiring to share ideas and pick up good tips from likeminded people who are facing the same challenges as me’,

Sophia Landells – Rod x Reel

Enterprise+ is a non-selling, peer to peer group of business owners who learn and have fun in the process.

If you want to join our group of ‘forward thinking’ business owners, contact Barbara Butterworth on 01302 7527000 or email brm@enterpriseaccountancy.co.uk