Working with snowflakes in the sun

In this article I’m considering the Millennials, that group born between 1991 – 2001 who have been labelled with the unfortunate tag of ‘snowflakes’ due to their propensity for melting under any form of pressure (think safe spaces and you’re on the right lines).

But this is nothing new, previous generations have always looked disparagingly on the next; just think of the end of National Service, men with long hair, Boy George on Top of the Pops and people playing with new fangled computers (never a proper job that) and you’ll see that the Millennials are just the latest in the chain of the evolution of grumpiness.

What many through the generations have failed to recognise is that our generation creates the framework & environment for the next. The trouble is we don’t know what to do with it, don’t like change and so back away from very thing we have created with distain to instead criticise “the kids” for adopting our construct.  Think how computers were created by mathematicians in lab coats for industry (and war) but perfected by “the kids” who democratised knowledge sharing and communication!?!

Already many large businesses and corporations are engaging with Millennial Mentors for their Chief Executives and top teams in an attempt to tap into the perspectives of that generation to help reduce generational bias.

But  it can be easier than that!

We can facilitate a days workshop for you and your team (which may include some Millennials) or we can organise a group for you to work with to gain an insight to what your future customers, suppliers and employees are looking for.

Be prepared for awkward questions and to be challenged about truths you’ve previously held to be true! Think that’s brave, imagine being the first man in Rotherham to go out with ponytail and David Beckham’s sarong on!

If you’re ready to take the next step towards future proofing your business then give us a call to set up a meeting!

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